AVSW10 Hollywood Experience - Pathlight Gives Back!


Date: 17th July 2010 (Saturday)
Venue: Pathlight School
GOH: Minister Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Manpower

Total Amount Raised: $377,966.85
Beneficiary: Eden School Building Fund

“Pathlight Gives Back” to the autism community, on a fun-filled, glamorous Saturday evening.

The Red Carpet Experience spearheaded the Hollywood theme of the day, with surprise appearances from movie characters. King and Queen of Heart from Wonderland, nasty Pirates from the Caribbean, the fearsome Star wars Troopers from 501st Legion, whimsical Fairies with the Fairy Queen, Titania from Mid-Summer Night’s Dream graced the occasion. The young ones screamed in delight when Spongebob Square pants and Dora the Explorer made their appearance. Our Jackie Chan look-alike entertained many requests for photographs and even autographs most graciously. We also had Mr Bean, our local F&B celebrity bouncing down The Red Carpet.

What’s Hollywood without the Paparazzi? More than 30 volunteer photographers created the “blinding” flashlights effect for our “celebrities” as they sashayed down The Red Carpet. A sizzling Hollywood welcome routine with tap dancing girls led our Guest of Honour, Minister & Mrs Gan Kim Yong down The Red Carpet to our unique A Very Special Walk 2010 stage.

To step up the glamour quotient, 15 Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Maseratis made their way into our carpark, giving many car enthusiasts much sought after photo opportunities.

Many Pathlighters were on duty. They served at their respective job-sites selling burgers and hotdogs to many hungry guests and they also went about the School selling sandwiches as mobile sales crew. Special mention must be made of Eden School whose students and staff ran the kachang puteh stall. It was a pleasure to see the students perform so well, scooping nuts into paper cones for their many customers.

Many thanks also to the volunteers from St. Margaret’s Sec School, Ex-Students Association, Parent Teacher Association, Starbucks & Mr Bean for running the F&B stalls, serving up laksa, chicken wings etc and yummy drinks..

We had many fringe activities that day. The games organized by the Raffles 01 Scouts were well received by parents and children alike. Many had a great time fishing, using NERF guns to shoot cans as well as moving live targets. Some children made their own Spongebob Squarepants at the craft stall by Limelite Studio. Balloon sculpturing was a hot favourite. Many took home octopus balloon sculptures (probably inspired by Paul of The World Cup fame). Face painting and makeover with instant photography by a group of highly charged and fun loving volunteers gave many happy memories of the event. The Hollywood inspired Flea market by our own Pathlight parents enjoyed a Sold Out sale..

Thanks to our main sponsor, ST Telemedia and the many supporters, we enjoyed 8 movie screenings at various locations within Pathlight School.

The best news of all – we exceeded our fundraising target. A HUGE THANK YOU to all!

Wonderful Photo Memories

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