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"Hello! Real glad to support AVSW21 to raise funds for ARC & support the great work that they do. Donate generously and join me for the challenge every day! :)"
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Target: $40,000.00
Chuan-Jin's Challenge
push-ups 100 times daily for 21 days
Add to Everyday: 100 squats etc, 100 sit-ups etc, 100 burpees
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$25,380.00 from 97 donors
CS Lim$ 100Good job.
Anonymous$ 10
Gary Su$ 200Keep up the good work!
Anonymous$ 100Good job!
Leeshan$ 100Supporting a great cause!
Anonymous$ 100So proud of you, Ko, for always doing good!👍🏻
Anonymous$ 10All the best!
Roger Chew$ 100Deficated for wellness of all beings
Sharon Chua$ 10May all be well and healthy ☺️
Anonymous$ 50
Anonymous$ 30
Anonymous$ 1000👍
Anonymous$ 10
Anjali $ 30
TingTing$ 100Jia you!! 💪🏻💪🏻
Angelia Chew$ 22All the best..
Anonymous$ 50Jia you!!!
Anonymous$ 200
SEB$ 168
Anonymous$ 50
Leong Yew$ 30Happy to contribute to this good cause.
Anonymous$ 10All the best!
Elizabeth $ 50加油💪🏼
Anonymous$ 10
Daniel$ 200You're such a role model who walks the talk. Truly inspiring!
Anonymous$ 150Sir, jiayou!
Leonard$ 180加油!谢谢。
Lex Chong$ 100Thank you Sir for your effort. A little appreciation from me to support people with autism.
NTF$ 100Thank you Speaker Tan!! Jiayou!!
Linda Leong$ 100Gambatte Sir !
Ray Khoo$ 100Proud of you! Go go go!
Xueyi$ 200All the best!
James Tan$ 100SUPPORT! I should also *try* to do 100 a day 🤣
YEOFAMILY$ 100❤ our children
Louisa leow$ 100All the best!
Ong Pang Yaw$ 100Let's do it!
Anonymous$ 100
Shawn$ 100Jia you Sir
Anonymous$ 200Way to Go!
Arjun Soni$ 100God speed !
Anonymous$ 100
Anonymous$ 200thank you Speaker for doing this! Hoping what I contribute can go a long way... :)
Jayakumar Sundararaj$ 150I am happy to support the cause. Thank you TCJ for all you do which is making a positive impact
Jackson S$ 100Great initiative! All the best!
Desiree & Asha$ 20You are so special no matter what you are...
Anonymous$ 20
Anonymous$ 20All the best TCJ!
Anonymous$ 200
ACS85$ 10000Thank u for doing this Speaker Tan (CJ), we're right behind you!
Genevieve Antono$ 60Saw that you’re at 9940 and couldn’t resist bringing this to the 10K target/finish line! Ahahaha. :) :) You’re the best.
ClayC$ 100All the best!
Toh W B$ 200Great Job, :)
Terence$ 200Jia you CJ!!
Hung Dho$ 200Fighting!
JayneL$ 100For a good cause! Jiayou Chuan Jin and ARC community!! 💪💕
Liang Eng Hwa$ 200Salute Sir!
Mariana JASMAN $ 200Love
Anonymous$ 100All the best
julie haw$ 500💪
Anonymous$ 1000
Anonymous$ 300
Jo Chin$ 100Thank you for taking part in this ❤️
Anonymous$ 100
VIVEK LATH$ 100This is my son's school. Nothing more to say
Eileen$ 100Thanks for raising awareness!
Chng NW$ 100TBIYTB
George Chai Chian Boon$ 100For the greater cause.
Anonymous$ 40
KAT$ 22Loooking good... Bless the children...
Suresh Kumar $ 200Thank you
Rodney W H Tan$ 300Speaker Sir, thanks for taking this initiative!
Anonymous$ 800Good Man
HY$ 200
Anonymous$ 20All the best !
Rica Ong$ 50Thanks Sir!
JL$ 100💪Thank YOU! 😊
Anonymous$ 100All Lives Matter
TYS$ 500Hope to see more acceptance for everyone on autism spectrum <3
Woon Teng$ 200Awesome efforts for an awesome cause. Thanks for doing this!
Anonymous$ 100Keep it Going and Blessings will come!
Anonymous$ 100
Alvin Chua$ 128All the best and thank you.
Lawrence Chan$ 200Thanks
Anonymous$ 50Thank you for driving such a meaningful deed! Fighting!
TKS$ 400Jia U ! Jia U!
Veronica Leow$ 500
Shah Lah$ 100Jia You
Anonymous$ 20Jia You!!!
Anonymous$ 50Every child and person matters. All my love and supports to person with autism, disability and special needs.
Chaydawg$ 500All the best!!
Rod Ng$ 50Fantastic cause! Thank you for doing it.
Jenn Chuan$ 200加油!
DC$ 100Thank you for doing this!
Ravinder $ 100
Neo Kim Han$ 100
Elson Tang$ 10U can do it, Minister!
Anonymous$ 1000God bless you !

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