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Rapha Cycling Club Singapore RCCSGP
"RCCSGP will ride Ambitious 220 riding 354km from 26-27 June raising awareness and funds to provide opportunities for people on the Autism Spectrum."
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"Hey there! The RCCSGP is excited to take on Ambitious 220 riding 354km from 26-27 June raising awareness and funds to provide opportunities for people on the Autism Spectrum."
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Target: $5,000.00
Raise awareness about Autism and raise funds for Autism Resource Centre in 21 days
Join us as we embark on Ambitious 220, riding 354km or 220miles between 26-27 June
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$53,423.01 from 339 donors
DonorAmountMessageDonated Via
Anonymous$ 100Jason Cheong
DZW$ 100great initiative all best!AT
Hounds of the Baskervilles$ 30❤️Yunus Hashim
DZW$ 100AT
Rebecca & Jacy$ 100Awesome work Faye! Faye Goldie
Low LiYong $ 50谢谢Jason Cheong
PCSM$ 100Just do it!AT
Mudddddddddd$ 20Next time be more ambitious 500km !! ^^"Yunus Hashim
Mudddddd$ 20next time be more ambitious :DSyed Danial Aljunied
T3$ 5000Super proud of RCCSG & you Chris!Team
Anonymous$ 100Well Done! leonleonfoo
Anonymous$ 2000Go RCCSGP!Team
Anonymous$ 100💪🏼leonleonfoo
Eugene Khoo$ 500leonleonfoo
Lydia Alias$ 50Thank you for doing this ride for this campaign!Syed Danial Aljunied
Adamhammers$ 10❤️Yunus Hashim
Jayson$ 50Christopher! don't know you, but Cheryl said you are cool and this is for a good cause! so Gambatte!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼Team
Vivian Pei$ 100Good on you, Jem and team, for raising awareness about such a worthy cause! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽Jeremy Nguee
Simon Ong$ 300Well done Leon, ride responsibly! leonleonfoo
Eddie Choo$ 200Go Noel and team!Team
Alicia $ 200👍🏼👍🏼Faye Goldie
Sng Hong Chuan$ 50Thanks broJason Cheong
WL$ 300Inspired AT
Pau$ 50All the best!AT
Rachel $ 50Ride well & stay safe AT
Lisa$ 20Thanks for doing this to raise funds and awareness for autism! Yunus Hashim
Anonymous$ 500leonleonfoo
C Sim$ 100Great cause, Leon. Ride safe and be well.leonleonfoo
PPP Coffee$ 105Must drink coffee on the big day !leonleonfoo
Xin Li$ 25Jeremy Nguee
Mama Chen $ 300We are all so proud of you Kor!!! Well done!Christopher Chen
Anonymous$ 4000I agreed to sponsor you per km. I didn’t know you were going to do 400km! 😂Nicholas Beardow
Charm$ 60So proud of you Kor! ❤️💋Christopher Chen
Evangeline$ 200God Bless all of you who are working for this wonderful cause.Team
Ryohei&Rachel$ 100We are proud of you!Team
Nick Tomlinson$ 500Well done to everyone who could ride !Team
Ritu$ 50Bravo!Jeremy Nguee
Ben$ 50Ohana (: well done Chris! Hugs and love to the whole fam!Christopher Chen
Vee$ 50For my girl Val. Dance crewmates for life! WELL DONE CHRIS!Christopher Chen
Francis Tang$ 300Go Leon Goleonleonfoo
Bing Hui and Sheryl$ 100Thanks for making this world a better placeChristopher Chen
Justeph$ 100God’s blessings and love to your familyTeam
Lefty$ 50Great cause!dadgary
Darshan$ 100Good cause - Best wishes - great effort 😊👍🏽leonleonfoo
H Smokes$ 100Ride safe!leonleonfoo
William Ong$ 100Good luck and all the bestleonleonfoo
Farhana $ 100Good luck & God Bless Leon! leonleonfoo
S. Goh$ 100Go Son! All the best! God Bless & keep safe. leonleonfoo
Raymond$ 200Gambatte!Jason Cheong
Van Chen$ 30Awesome warriors.Team
Shawn and Sarah$ 50All the best Chris! Christopher Chen
Zim$ 100Team
Liuyang Wan$ 100GO RCC!Team
Lizzie$ 100Incredible achievement- well done!Faye Goldie
Skzk$ 40Fantastic people, fantastic cause. Team
Ziack & Zaia $ 50❤️ ride safe and thank you ❤️Christopher Chen
Alice Tan $ 100Noel E K Tan
Jolene$ 100💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Noel E K Tan
Kris$ 50Noel E K Tan
Dugong$ 50Jiayou!Jason Cheong
Alicia$ 50GO JEREMY ⚡️⚡️Jeremy Nguee
Alicia $ 50GO LEON 🙌🏼🙌🏼leonleonfoo
JG $ 100Jason Cheong
Kheng Huang$ 100All the way Chris! 💪💪Christopher Chen
Anonymous$ 100Keep going ! Thank you for making the world a better place 🙌🏽Team
Vic$ 50Well done you! xleonleonfoo
Anonymous$ 20Go Go Go!!!leonleonfoo
Bryan Tan$ 150Good job guys 👍🏼Team
Ishwin$ 25All the best Jeremy !Jeremy Nguee
Wendy Koh $ 50Ride safe, Chris! Very meaningful ride. 👍🏼Christopher Chen
Verywanderful $ 100💪🏼leonleonfoo
Grace Marie$ 100Ride of Greatness!Jeremy Nguee
Ben+Val$ 100With a Heart so Big, You will Conquer the 360km with ease :) Jeremy Nguee
Jenpeifen$ 50Thanks for raising awareness for autism. All the best! Christopher Chen
JM$ 200Jia youZiwei Mah
Philip Chan $ 100Jeremy Nguee
Charles $ 100Go go ! Steady n safeJeremy Nguee
Ray$ 100Hi, continue to jio me for rideJason Cheong
Zw$ 100Jiayou Yunus! A little goes a long way and thankful i can support you in thisYunus Hashim
DREW KHAN$ 10So sorry that i only got around to donate now but better late than never!! Yunus Hashim
FB$ 100All the way, & all the very best! AT
Kepak Ayam$ 20I also want to go heavenYunus Hashim
bing$ 20Yunus Hashim
Dank$ 50❤️ what you guys are doing! Ride on.Yunus Hashim
Sang Timon$ 50Goodluck & goodbyeYunus Hashim
Anonymous$ 20Yunus Hashim
Yasser$ 50Yunus Hashim
Vivian$ 100加油!!! Go go go!!!!! Suggestion for playlist - Queen's "Don't stop me now"dadgary
Craig $ 100Amazing… well done! Faye Goldie
Rovena $ 220Allez Allez Allez & Thanks for organising such meaningful eventTeam
Karen W$ 50Way to go, Leon! leonleonfoo
Tabitha Ong Tune$ 50what a wonderful thing you’re doing for wonderful people. Team
Eunice $ 50All the best!! Jeremy Nguee
Nick Jr$ 50Good Luck all! Look forward to riding it with youTeam
James Robbins$ 100Outstanding challenge & cause, chapeau! Noel E K Tan
Anonymous$ 50All the best! 🙌🏼🙌🏼Yunus Hashim
Layla, Nadya & Hanaa$ 100Godspeed, Uncle Neon! leonleonfoo
Kristalle$ 50Christopher Chen
Watsons$ 100Thank you for raising awareness on autism. You can do it!leonleonfoo
Azhar Sani X Areefa Hwan$ 20Yunus Hashim
Anonymous$ 100Have a good ride Chris! 😘Team
Victor Lim$ 100Well done!leonleonfoo
Shawn Too$ 10Awesome work Chris! Thank you for raising awareness <3!Team
Nessa $ 20💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼Team
Anonymous$ 20Yunus Hashim
Nicky$ 10All the best Leon!leonleonfoo
Ken Lee$ 100Yunus Hashim
Farhan$ 20Semoga allah permudahkan segala urusan dan hajatnya. AminYunus Hashim
Ethan $ 20Team
Puan$ 50Semoga Allah mempermudahkan urusan kamu. Yunus Hashim
Nick$ 20Stay safe bro!Yunus Hashim
Tadu$ 10Yunus Hashim
Anonymous$ 100All the best! Yunus Hashim
Anonymous$ 50Ride safe!Yunus Hashim
Baba$ 20All the best! Take care and BE SAFE! Stay hydrated! Yunus Hashim
Bubu$ 20Take care my son! Wish you all the best!Yunus Hashim
Sam$ 10All the best! May you be rewarded for your contributions! Ride hard, don’t die!Yunus Hashim
Nadia Cardoz$ 100All the best!! Riding for a great cause ❤️Team
Dot$ 100ALL THE WAY! - Go! Chris & Team!Christopher Chen
Ming ting $ 100All the best ! Team
Clarence$ 135Go, go, go! Jeremy!! 💪 🚴‍♂️Jeremy Nguee
Jitin$ 100Good luck out there Nicholas Beardow
Becca$ 250BeccaJeremy Nguee
Jitin$ 100Go Go GoFaye Goldie
Aunty Agnes$ 100Be grateful be humble be strong! All the best Jeremy!Jeremy Nguee
RT$ 100You can do! Keeping going for a great cause Kenneth Wen
Alan$ 30Let's Do This Bro!Jason Cheong
Sean$ 50All the best 💪🏼Jason Cheong
Anonymous$ 200Thanks for doing this! A good cause! Jason Cheong
Lewis$ 100Go for it! dadgary
Anonymous$ 20All the best! Team
Angie Mui$ 100leonleonfoo
Alex$ 100All the best everyone! What a wonderful fundraiser for the peeps!Shahrizal
Lucy$ 20GO LEON ⚡️⚡️⚡️leonleonfoo
Marc Lansu $ 100Really good initiative, Proud of you NoelNoel E K Tan
Dawn $ 50leonleonfoo
@runthelast$ 30Allez Allezleonleonfoo
Anonymous$ 50Ride like the wind!Team
Sarjit Gill$ 200All the Bestleonleonfoo
Marcus Foo$ 100Go Bro!leonleonfoo
The Barkery Singapore$ 10leonleonfoo
Francois-Eric Mezin$ 100Team
Nico & Ursula$ 50Thanks for doing this for a great causeZiwei Mah
Jeff$ 50Hwaiting!!! leonleonfoo
Anonymous$ 250leonleonfoo
Ong Andy$ 100All the best 👍🏻Jason Cheong
James & Rebecca$ 20Way to go bro!!! - Jason Cheong
Zahid Rohmat Zie$ 30Team
Ray$ 10Keep pedallingZiwei Mah
ArranP$ 100Go guys. Great cause and wish I was riding with you all.Team
Anonymous$ 1000Josh
Gavin$ 100Ride strong. Look good! Team
Tobes $ 75Go boys Go!Team
Peter C$ 100Why not make it 400km? ;)Faye Goldie
Baz$ 100.01All the best guys!!Team
Anonymous$ 50Team
Anonymous$ 500Ting Tuck Wai
Ash$ 10Ride on! Team
James Carroll$ 150AT
Donabengoh$ 50Thank you for organising and putting in effort to help others! Team
Sherry Chen$ 100To the Mental Seletar Gang (Chris, Leon and Ziwei) and of course, rest of the #RCCSGP famz: GO TEAM GO!Team
Gregory Yeap$ 100DAD WATCH 220Team
Troodee$ 20Stay Awesome, Ride SafeMike Chan
Anonymous$ 20Making a difference and supporting people with autism -WJSyed Danial Aljunied
Tony$ 100Awesome good cause. Kudos to you all. Ride safe. Team
Ian & Amenda$ 50Go! Go! Go! Chris 👍🏻Christopher Chen
Anonymous$ 200Jeremy Nguee
Winnie 🐰$ 50Amazing! All the best and safe ride next weekend Christopher!Christopher Chen
Pieter & Cheryl$ 100Go for it Chris and team!Christopher Chen
Suman $ 100Christopher Chen
Mama Lam$ 500Well done Chris!! Christopher Chen
Renee & Ryan $ 100Go Go Go! You Can do it Uncle Jeremy! Jeremy Nguee
Ray ray $ 200For a good causeFaye Goldie
Ada$ 50👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Christopher Chen
Anonymous$ 250Josh
Ying$ 100All the best for the ride! Great stuff you guys are doing! Noel E K Tan
Anonymous$ 250AT
Sarah$ 100🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️💪💪Josh
Anonymous$ 500Anything for the SMU role model. Have a good ride!Jeremy Nguee
Jeanne$ 500Go Jem!Jeremy Nguee
joy & michelle$ 100all the best!! AT
Karen A$ 200Jeremy Nguee
Lyn and Jet$ 200Stay safe and stay hydrated! AT
Amanda$ 25Jeremy Nguee
Kareena and Omesh $ 100Jia You, Jem!!!! Jeremy Nguee
Tomoko$ 50加油 Jeremy ! good luck 😉 Jeremy Nguee
Anonymous$ 50Noel E K Tan
Bernard$ 100Good luck. Jeremy Nguee
Daniel and Liz Lim$ 100Jeremy Nguee
Anonymous$ 30Jeremy Nguee
Celine Tan$ 200Great cause that you are raising awareness for. All the best in reaching your target distance!Jeremy Nguee
Chris Poh$ 200Ride safeAT
Ravin Ashok Vasandani$ 100Thank you for doing this! The initiative is great! 350km is no joke but once again Jeremy, heart goes out:)Jeremy Nguee
My Drum School$ 200Thank you Jeremy for doing this. One of my four kids is on the spectrum and had been going therapy. We need more people like you to spread the awareness. Thanks for being an inspiration.Jeremy Nguee
Jo$ 10Jeremy Nguee
Jonathan Ban$ 100Great cause! Jia You!! Jeremy Nguee
LSH$ 500All the best, Adrian!AT
Wayne Koh$ 200Team
Brien Chua$ 500Great effort!AT
Agnes Chan$ 1200Go go go!AT
Amy Tan$ 500AT
Des ATGM BOS!$ 100GoForth&Ridefor the cause,bro! ATGM BOS!! Christopher Chen
Gus$ 100Thanks for riding for a bigger cause!Team
Ivan Tan$ 20Good job!Ziwei Mah
Danny Cheung$ 200Well done Faye. So proud of you!Faye Goldie
Chun Tan$ 50All the best Josh, have a good ride! Team
Tsvety $ 50Go Faye 💪🏻Faye Goldie
Heng Kah$ 200Noel E K Tan
Lynn Chang$ 100Jiayou Faye!!! Ur fitness is impressive! :)Faye Goldie
mmw$ 200be inspired.Ziwei Mah
Joe Wee$ 200jia you Faye !! Faye Goldie
Tai$ 300Next one I also wanna joinZiwei Mah
Andrew Harmstone$ 100Good luck!AT
Eric Z$ 100Good luck AdrianAT
Darreno $ 50Enjoy the challenge!Team
Gary Lam$ 100Go Faye!Faye Goldie
Anonymous$ 200Best wishes !!Faye Goldie
Sandy$ 500Jiayou Faye!Faye Goldie
Alex$ 500Very proud of you wifey! Jai you!Faye Goldie
Little Petals Preschool $ 1000Hi Noel, Thank you for once again, making effort to help others. You are amazing!Noel E K Tan
Anonymous$ 100Thank you!!! Faye Goldie
Bryan & Andrea$ 100Keep cycling bro!Ziwei Mah
Anonymous$ 100Ride safe!Faye Goldie
Anonymous$ 500Great cause. Jia YaoFaye Goldie
Anonymous$ 100Great cause!!Faye Goldie
Anonymous$ 100You will nail this girl! What a great cause Faye Goldie
Ryan$ 100All the best Leon!leonleonfoo
Diana Yeo $ 350Ziwei Mah
Evelyn$ 200Ziwei Mah
Nguees$ 100Go go go!Team
slowpenyu$ 100You better be pulling us for all our future ridesFaye Goldie
Maeskuni$ 300Jia you! dadgary
Anonymous$ 100dadgary
Daniel Yong$ 100All the best Noel! Goal4it! Noel E K Tan
Daniel Yong$ 100Go Rapha Go!!! Team
Nurnur$ 28Seed Danial!Syed Danial Aljunied
GLC$ 200加油!Noel E K Tan
Mabel$ 200Very best to you!Noel E K Tan
B.Loi$ 50Go Leon Go!leonleonfoo
Adina$ 50Great effort! Ziwei Mah
Gene & Yiwen$ 100Dont faint ahFaye Goldie
Claudine Chan$ 50Go Go GO! 加油! Noel E K Tan
CF$ 100dadgary
Andrew Khoo$ 100Cheering for you Leon!leonleonfoo
Anonymous$ 100Kambate!!!dadgary
Anonymous$ 200leonleonfoo
Anonymous$ 100All the way AdrianAT
Anonymous$ 1000We are proud that you are riding the distant for Autism.leonleonfoo
George Lee$ 50all the best!!Christopher Chen
George Lee$ 50all the best!!Ziwei Mah
George Lee$ 50all the best!!leonleonfoo
Team Fortitude $ 200All the best Leon! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻leonleonfoo
Tammi Lin$ 50Wear sunscreen!leonleonfoo
Theresa Chay$ 100Ziwei Mah
LIANA CHIA$ 500Ziwei Mah
Andrew Fang$ 50leonleonfoo
Adrian Khoo$ 100Beast mode onleonleonfoo
Chris Lim$ 100You got this!leonleonfoo
John Lim$ 200Lets do this!leonleonfoo
Liss & family$ 200Great cause ! Great challenge ! All the way & all the best, Leonleonleonfoo
Diana Yeo $ 200Zhiwei, you are such an inspiration!Ziwei Mah
Claire Jedrek$ 100Good luck! leonleonfoo
Weng Loke$ 10Stay Safe & All the Best!Syed Danial Aljunied
Gavin Sung$ 100All the best for such a good cause leonleonfoo
Ted Low $ 500All the best Mr Tan! God bless and Godspeed Noel E K Tan
Desmond Tan$ 50Tailwind all the way! Safe ride broleonleonfoo
Ted Low$ 300All the best buddy! Ride safe and Godspeedleonleonfoo
Zhengmin$ 100Go Leon Foo!leonleonfoo
Royston$ 100Just do it Leon!!leonleonfoo
Anonymous$ 10Syed Danial Aljunied
Shanna-Mae$ 30Thanks for being an inspiration, Leon!! Ride safe. <3leonleonfoo
Paaven$ 15Great effort on raising awareness. All e best!Syed Danial Aljunied
Chor Kiat$ 10The world certainly needs awareness in this areaSyed Danial Aljunied
Hafiz$ 10Cycle another 10km! Syed Danial Aljunied
Aziz$ 10All the best!Syed Danial Aljunied
Simon O. $ 50All the best Leon! Do us proud!leonleonfoo
Anonymous$ 20Go Leon!leonleonfoo
Harsha$ 50leonleonfoo
Lance Armstrong $ 100Go Leon , I would have joined you. Please make sure you complete the distance. Hope you have trained well and don’t let us down. leonleonfoo
Cheryl$ 50Go Chris go! Christopher Chen
Bucky$ 50leonleonfoo
Douglas D$ 100Go Leon!!! We love you! Make sure you drink lots of coffee from ‘Drink Morning’!leonleonfoo
Anonymous$ 200go leon!!!!!!! leonleonfoo
Mag & Pag$ 100Jiayou!!Noel E K Tan
Achim S$ 25leonleonfoo
J Loi$ 50All the best Leon!💪🏻leonleonfoo
Anonymous$ 100All the best NoelNoel E K Tan
Abby$ 50Thanks for helping to raise awareness for Autism! have fun!Josh
Gavin Ng$ 50Go, bro!Noel E K Tan
Jo$ 100You can do it!!! Noel E K Tan
Eowyn Leow$ 100Blessings for an enjoyable n safe ride!Team
Charlene$ 50Christopher Chen
Angie Teo$ 50All the best Noel! Up & on! Noel E K Tan
Anonymous$ 100Because each of us is unique and when we embrace our differences, we will all be better for it!Christopher Chen
Colin Yeow$ 100Audere est FacereNoel E K Tan
JOON KIM$ 50Thank you Noel E K Tan
ClaraT$ 50Thank you. All the best!Noel E K Tan
Clare$ 200Thanks for the effort!Noel E K Tan
Papa & mummy$ 100Jiayou!Faye Goldie
Anonymous$ 50Good luck !Christopher Chen
Anonymous$ 50All the best!Noel E K Tan
Tshen$ 200Good luck! Faye Goldie
Brenda$ 100So proud of you! Faye Goldie
JL $ 250live free, ride hard AT
Gan Li Lian $ 100Jason Cheong
Feiyou$ 33Yandao dads jia you!Team
Leslie $ 20🙏Jason Cheong
Jonny$ 100Add oil! Let’s ride together!Jason Cheong
Joan C$ 100Thanks for helping those in need and I am so proud of my brother! Jason Cheong
Anonymous$ 354Jason Cheong
Salleh Kader$ 50Shahrizal
Miracle Tay$ 20Go go go all the best good luckJason Cheong
Linda$ 100Go cuz!! Jason Cheong
Aga$ 50Team
Fyl Boss$ 100Amazing and great awareness campaign! All the best to Mike and the team! Team
Aaron$ 100Support you bro.Jason Cheong
Lukas$ 10Abang 4evaMike Chan
Cik idah$ 50Have fun Shahrizal
Bahamut lim $ 100Mike Chan
Anonymous$ 100You are amazing! Jia you! 👍🏻👍🏻Mike Chan
Haji Rahim$ 50All the best IjalShahrizal
Ying$ 10Mike Chan
Cher$ 100All the best and thank you for supporting a good cause. Mike Chan
Nor Tahlip$ 100Ready , Steady , GoShahrizal
mum$ 100all the best to u n i'm proud of your support to the communityShahrizal
Anonymous$ 200Go go! All the best and ride safe!Mike Chan
RL$ 20You never walk aloneJason Cheong
Cik Lin$ 100So proud of you my dear nephew!! Jia You!!Shahrizal
Lex$ 50Jia you my leader!!Jason Cheong
Desmond Lee$ 50加油 and please jio me for your rideJason Cheong
Zoe & Tricia$ 50Great effort daddy! Ziwei Mah
ML$ 50Steady laJason Cheong
Johnathan Teng$ 50All the Best Bro!! and JIAYOU!!Jason Cheong
Anonymous$ 100Good luck and safe ride…Team
Derek & Fenny $ 500#EmbraceDifferences - keep on cycling! Ziwei Mah
Muthu$ 108Go Go Jason Cheong & TeamTeam
Stacy Wong$ 1000Great effort for a good cause! Enjoy the ride!Ziwei Mah
Anonymous$ 250AT

Team Members

"Hi! So happy to be able to join AVSW21 to walk alongside for an inclusive Singapore! Join me and be part of the Challenge!"
"I hope that we will one day live in a society where people with autism will be appreciated for their unique abilities and creative ways of approaching the world. Will you journey with me to support their cause to encourage autism acceptance in our society? Please donate!"
"Hi! So happy to be able to join AVSW21 to walk alongside for an inclusive Singapore! Join me and be part of the Challenge!"
"Hello all- I feel extremely excited to do my part to raise awareness for Autism and to raise funds for the Autism Resource Centre! I hope you can help me achieve my target for a good cause- every bit counts! "
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!"
"Hi! So happy to be able to join Ambitious 220 to raise funds and awareness re Autism in Singapore!"
"Helping other people can be a cure. Not just for those who are in need but for your soul as well. "
"Just supporting my mates and a good cause the way I know how, hope you'll lend your support too!"
"Hi! So happy to be able to join AVSW21 to walk alongside for an inclusive Singapore! Join me and be part of the Challenge!"
"Hope to Challenge myself and help out others in need at the same time."
"Challenging myself to try something ambitious whilst helping out others along the way. Every little bit counts!"
"So glad to be part of this challenge to raise funds for Autism! Gonna be challenging, but it’ll be worth it!"
"Hi! So happy to be able to join AVSW21 to walk alongside for an inclusive Singapore! Join me and be part of the Challenge!"
"Delighted to support the cause! Upwards and Onwards!"
"Riding to support. Please donate. Every bit helps!"
"Hi! So happy to be able to join AVSW21 to walk alongside for an inclusive Singapore! Join me and be part of the Challenge!"
"What an awesome opportunity to ride and support the AVWS 2021 cause! "
"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. ― Muhammad Ali"
"We rise by lifting others."

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