AVSW10 Hollywood Experience - Pathlight Gives Back!


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* Each movie is $10 per pax, by event coupons only.
* Tickets sold from 2:30pm onwards

* Free Seating



Enjoy a picnic cum movie night with your friends and family under the stars! This romantic outdoor site will be able to house 100 outdoor lovers. Grab some snacks and drinks from our F&B stalls run by Eden and Pathlight students, get the lovely AVSW10 picnic mat, choose a cosy space on the ground and settle down for a nolstalgic movie experience. The limited edition AVSW10 picnic mat is doodled by our very own Pathlighters and produced by DoodleShop.



The 200-seater Auditorium serves many purposes such as training and special events. For AVSW10, our auditorium will be transformed into a double-screen theatre. Enjoy the luxury of air-conditioning and cushion seats just like the cinemas out there! To ensure the quality of the premium screening experience, please note that no food and drinks are allowed in here. Want to snack as you watch the show? Head on to our Hall and Outdoor screening!



Our multi-purpose hall is used daily for assembly / dismissal, special events, Physical Education, gym and CCA. Step in here during AVSW10 and you will find yourself in the comfort of your own living room! Indulge in the comfort of the air-conditioning, beanbags, food and drinks, just like home! You can even turn up in your pyjamas (appropriate ones of course!). Beanbags will be provided. Self provided comfort sets are welcome!



Our Living Skills Room is a replica of a typical home where students are coached in Daily Living Skills. Students learn a range of skills to help them be more independent. During AVSW10, this is where we will have our ongoing free screening of 2 Chinese autism documentries. Enjoy the cosiness of a real studio apartment. Drop your kids off at the cupcake decoration booth just beside and hop onto the OSIM massage chairs here for a quick breather.